I grew up in the public school system, minus two experimental years in private school, and firmly believe my education rivals anyone else’s. I attribute this to the incredible teachers I had, many of with whom I still keep in touch. Due to a language barrier, my parents could not be involved in my education beyond their unwavering support and unconditional love. I knew that when I had my own family, I would provide my children with the same emphasis on education, but would be as involved as possible, as the barrier my parents faced had been broken for me.

My public education was completed when I defended my dissertation in 2008 from KU Medical Center (ask me anything about the Na,K-ATPase and its role in PKD), and graduated with honors. After a post-doctoral fellowship, I opted to stay at home and raise my family. I took teaching stints as an adjunct professor at Avila University and Rockhurst University, feeding my love of education, teaching, and building relationships.

Once my children started school, I got on the PTA and PTO, volunteered in their classrooms, for every class party, as many field trips as my sanity allowed, and then served on the District Site Council and MTMS Building Site Council. In 2020, there was a call for parents to sign up to substitute. I immediately submitted all credentials and have had the privilege to be a substitute teacher since.

Now, I’d like to continue my tradition of service to our students, teachers and district by serving as your at-large representative on the school board. I wish for every student, teacher, and patron to feel seen, heard and valued. I would appreciate your vote in November, and welcome every opportunity to meet with you so we can get to know each other and continue to build our great district.

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